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Concerning your funding request which you contacted us for, which you want me to do full funding/part funding on your projects/business. We are group of private investor and we also work out full equity finance for individuals who need loans to run their business/investment deals.

We can fund over $5M and we focus on seed Capital, early stage, start-up ventures, existing LLC and total completion and expansion of investment projects with immediate funding.

Having extensive corporate and private background with mammoth sized connection portal on multiple projects, equity. mortgages and open to long term business relationship with business partner sustaining our company 3 win policy.

We are also interested in any good project out there with good profit and we are open to joint venture investment with any individual and are ready to have a long business relationship with such individual, group or company.

We are willing to finance this project and I want you to get back to us with update and full details on this proceed,pro-formal or project breakdown/executive summary. We hope we will do business together and that this works out fine with good profit. If you will need a loan, please get back to us on how you will want the loan, the total amount needed, when needed, duration as well as the purpose of funds. If you
will like to call me, please send me an e mail to let me know when you will be calling me and i will furnish you with the numbers to reach me.

I will be waiting for your urgent response to this e mail now so that we can proceed.

Best Regards,

Luther Hodgson


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