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Кредитно-инвестиционная Биржа » We need an investor in the IT-project.
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Since April 2014, LLC "Investors Club" united on its website - International Business Network - "The exhibition is a presentation of investment and innovation projects," more than 1,000,000 partners. It businessmen, investors and banks. The project was supported in writing more than 30 governors, ASI (Agency for Strategic Initiatives)more than 42 sovereign funds, hundreds of banks around the world. The plans to increase the number of registered partners:
1) Russia - 10 million people.
2) China - one hundred million people.
3) In the countries of the BRICS, SCO - from one hundred million people.
For these purposes, we are creating representative offices in priority countries of the world and are recruiting executives, consultants in the banking sector and IT specialists.
We have developed more than 50 Terms of Reference in the field of artificial intelligence, fintech, smart contracts, block chain. For work with large arrays of data - Big Date.
We carry out optimization, monetization, after obtaining a patent for a utility model, we will post a new site. The site will simplify both registration and ranking of projects, which will allow investors to immediately find projects according to the criteria declared by the investor.
But right now, we have posted thousands of projects, from a million rubles to several billion US. Dozens of which are exclusive.
We carry out a private placement (private placement) of the share. Or take a venture loan at 30% per annum in foreign currency. Payments quarterly.
We are waiting for proposals from strategic partners - investors.
Email: club-invest@inbox.ru

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